About us

TOOLSMFG, established in 2015, is a manufacturer based in Eastern China, with a turnover of 20 million U.S.dollars a year.  Leveraging our rich industrial experience, manufacturing capability and global network resources, TOOLSMFG is proud to be products and services suppliers for industry leading retailers, distributors, industrial manufacturers and other clients;

To provide the best solution and quality to our customers, we focus on building our  passionate engineer team for years, they're from Japan, with more than 40 years solid experience;

Welcome to our office and showroom, which are located in Shanghai and a factory located in Jinhua city.


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Phone: +86-13671971399

Tel: +86-21-67613090

Company: Toolsmfg Co.,Ltd

Add: Room 1208, Building 4, No.178 Puhui road, Jiuting town, Songjiang District, Shanghai, China 201615

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